Ratings Days and Match Play

LTA Ratings Explained – Player Ratings

Any member of a registered club can apply for FREE British Tennis Membership. BTM offers every adult, junior and mini player a rating. The ratings are designed to reward players for competing, inspire them to develop their game and offer the opportunity to compete more regularly and to be the best they can be.

There are many benefits of ratings for players and coaches:

  • the best possible playing experience as they are playing with others of the same or similar standard
  • easier to identify which products or courses are suitable
  • easier for them to find suitable playing partners at the club
  • easier to organise groups and competition by playing standard
  • easier to advise players which course or competition they should enter
  • members are likely to enjoy their tennis, recognising their own progress
  • motivated to improve further could be used as a method to get more coaching

Results Submission

All results should be submitted to the County Office, as they will count towards players’ ratings – these will be recorded. There are a vast number of resources available to assist with integrated competition as part of the tennis programme, including training courses, formats and scheduling, workbooks on competition within coaching and examples of best practice. A regularly competing junior is defined by the LTA as being a player who plays at least 6 matches per year using the formats set out in the LTA National Competition Framework for red, orange, green and yellow ball.

The LTA is now promoting the use of TTP (Tennis Tournament Planner) for submission of results on line. If you are not familiar with TTP or require some training please contact your local County Office – alternatively, a standard excel results spreadsheet can be used for Grade 6 and 7 competitions.

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